Our Travel Map

Our Travel Map


We haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on our list.

The map above shows where the team at For The Love Of Travel have been, and how much more we still have to go! At least it shows we have some practice in this “travelling the world” thing. Sometimes our travels have been short, think an afternoon lying on a beach sipping cocktails in Anguilla, and sometimes longer, think more than a decade working in South Africa! However long was spent in each place it brought a unique experience, and in the words

Stay hungry Stay Foolish

Oliver Wendell Holmes

We are always asking ourselves “Where to next?”, and over the coming months we have several exciting trips lined, up including Italy, India, South Africa, Australia and Hawai’i.

There are also several destinations that are on our radar. Iran is opening up after years of isolation. With such an incredibly rich cultural history, incredible architecture and some of the best food on the plant, Iran is set to become a hot destination. In fact see our blog post about the real top destinations for 2016 to read more.

The emerging destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean are also casting a seductive spell on us. Montenegro, Bosnia and the FYR Macedonia are all high up on the list for must visit destinations. Air access is constantly improving, and they all still offer great value for money compared to many of the other more established destinations around the Med.

Myanmar, before it becomes too developed also makes our wish list, as well as the appeal of the beaches and natural sites in Central America. A brief stay in Costa Rica whet the appetite enough to makes us want to explore the region much future.

What about you? Are then any destinations that you really want to visit or hear more about? Let us know on Facebook or send us an e-mail using our contact form here. We would love to hear from you.