The benefits of status

The benefits of status

Collecting airline miles is highly addictive and can cause serious damage to your bank balance. OK, you have been warned! Now go out and make the most of the wonderful world of mile!

What are the advantages of being loyal to one airline and gaining “status” with their programme? Most major airlines these days offer a range of benefits to their elite members to keep them loyal, and make their journey all the more pleasurable.

These are the typical benefits offered to elite members of most of the major world airlines:

  1. Check in at business class counters no matter what class you are travelling
  2. Priority passes for security and immigration at certain airports
  3. Extra luggage allowance and priority bag tagging
  4. Access to the airline’s business class lounges, no matter what class you are travelling, and normally those of all the alliance partners as well (as long as you are flying an airline in the alliance)
  5. Earn extra miles for each flight – most programmes offer their elite members 25%/50%/100% extra miles per mile flown depending on status
  6. Better chances of upgrades on board, and priority assistance when things go wrong
  7. Ability to book seats in advance for free