In The Air

In The Air

Often your flight is the single most expensive item in your trip, and yet many people pay little attention to the flight beyond the cheapest or quickest options while up in the air. For short haul flights to Europe and north Africa there is so much choice with the low cost carriers like Easyjet and Ryanair linking all parts of the UK to Europe, as such we won’t focus much attention on these at this stage.

For longer flights though things become a little more complicated, and for the really long intercontinental flights, choosing your flight wisely can make a big difference. I am one of those people that puts as much importance on the flight as I do on the hotel at the other end. If I am going to fly half-way around the world and I can find a good deal on a business class seat I will jump at the opportunity. By flying business I feel like my holiday starts as I arrive at the airport and doesn’t end until I land back home.

That to me, extends my holidays by a couple of days! However, I am not willing to re-mortgage my home to do so.

Another point to note, if you collect frequent flyer miles, by buying a seat in a premium cabin your miles add up a lot faster.

For friends of mine, they are happy to suffer for 14 hours each way, but have the extra to spend at their destination. Whatever category you fall into, hopefully we can help make your flight a little more enjoyable with our flying tips.

We would love to hear your thoughts on air travel, and happy to share any ideas you may have in making the time up in the air more enjoyable! Right, onwards and upwards into the air we go, happy flying.